Scorching The Surface Of Infinity


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Engineered, Mixed and Mastered at Beer Me That Recording Studios

Artwork by Michael Gannon Photography


released April 2, 2012

Finn [Lead/Rhythm guitars]
Killian [Lead/Rhythm guitars, Vocals]
Kenny [Bass, Synths]
Gerty [Drums, Percussion]

Produced by TRAITOR



all rights reserved


TRAITOR County Mayo, Ireland

"Scorching The Surface Of Infinity" now available for free download.

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Track Name: Valera
No law can rule the eyes
Foundation lay contempt
Challenging the right to prosecute until collapse
Separated powers
Fighting consequence delivered
Deliberation fought but proven true


Contract these ties to faith beyond a doubt
Righteous cause will constitute
Remove immoral judgement
Reason over just
Plead sight to balance

Centre and define
A means to object
Base your purpose

Onus, proof will conceal
Base your purpose

And when this falls will you produce the body

Within this
Time collates
Sole decay

Centre and define
A means to object
Base your purpose
On all
Track Name: Dual Motion Chaos
Boldly step like none before
Where no man dare
Exact his fascination upon a fiery depth
Captivate, this ruse will not withstand the prying might
To see this all succumb to liberate

Your days are awake
He who dares

Until this fated strain of guilt lies heavy on your conscience
Crashing down with such fierce anticipation
There is no need for words, fears, beliefs, validation
With such audacity

Such chaos
Cause in motion
No faltering
Truth will out
Destabilise this faction
Count the swings
End to end

But then I looked across immensity
And it all fell into line

Now this is between me and existence
Track Name: The Suspension Plot
Mind askew
With broken thoughts
Laying waste to innocence
Sense awaits
To be denounced
And built upon in essence

Treacherous and mitigating
These are the ploys
That litter conscious thinking
Emerge to offer light

All the fists
Cede silent hate
Overstep the fall
Strike the reach
Scorched from this life you burn

Beyond stark abyss
Holding throne of those forsaken
Left to the depths
Of dissonate infinity

Distorted forms the skies now bear
Dislocate reality

For these sights
Will revive
In certainty
Track Name: Day One
Respond, this strategy will outright
Prove the wave is spent, devastate the swarm
Vast terrain coated in the dregs of conquest
Disconnection from the day of emergence


Close the holes
Seek the light
Purify the map

Boundary, from underground the spite will consume
Denizens will gather and storm
Set alight, the hollow fate is absolute
These legacies are not intended

Run and gun
Bear your cross
These dark corners will invite last day

A bitter hope runs deep
In the glare of adversity we will reign